Quan Jian Yan Ke (Beijing) Information Consultation Center, founded in 2012, is the member of Moscow Beijing Club, the standing director unit of Project Investment & Financing Committee and vice-president unit of International Investment Committee of China Investment Association, and  is a collective ownership enterprise. Its mission is to achieve its goal by assisting clients in solving their management and operation difficulties, reinforcing learning and transforming. Furthermore, the Center mainly serves the domestic and foreign enterprises, industrial parks and government authorities on the management principle of promoting cooperation and based on the good faith and integrity. 
Corporate Operation Items: economic and trade consulting, education consulting; technical development and service and promotion; computer technology training; vocal music teaching and training; advertising design, production, agency and release; conference service; organization of culture and art exchange activities; market survey and applied software service. 
Service Contents: 
1. Project application service; 
2. Project financing and cooperation docking service;
3. Technical Consulting service;;
4. Services for recommending mergers and reorganization intended or interested parties; 
5. Expert guidance service; 
6. Project investment attraction and promotion service
7. CIS planning 
8. Product packaging design;
9. New product release & marketing service;
10. Technical training service; 
11. Advertising design, production, agency and release;
12. Major activity planning service;
13. Fair and exhibition service;
14. Assist enterprises to participate in the formulation and revision of standards.
Tel (Fax): 8610-68421151
Add: A203, No.19, Beiwa Road (West), Haidian District, Beijing China.
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